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The Perfect Fried Egg

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My perfect fried egg method I learned from working at a café for a few years. Get the perfect runny egg every time with no burning or over cooking.

Perfect Fried Egg

Inspiration For This Method

As previously mentioned i worked for a few years in a café. This café got extremely busy especially during summer months and breakfast’s would fly out the door faster than we could cook them. The Bayside Cabin in Gosport is a Sea Side café. Only one of 2 on the entire stretch of beach that serves breakfast through to lunch.

So on summery days we had a full team over chest and prep boys lined up and ready for the steady stream of tickets. And i really do mean a steady stream with the tickets often filling the ticket slot holder, and also coming out the ticket machine and rolling back on it self.

So it was essential that a simple thing like an egg will come out perfect every time we cook one. Often using up to 3 large pans filled with up to 8 eggs each at one time the method was passed down to me after some time of working there.

I still use this to this day and love the way the egg comes out. Minimal grease, cooked on top but still runny in the middle.

Perfect Fried Egg

How to Cook The Perfect Fried Egg

  1. Get a pan with a lid that will cover the entire pan.
    Its important that the lid is a good fit to keep the steam in.
  2. Heat the pan up, nothing above a medium heat.
    The slower the better for this method as we don’t want to burn the egg.
  3. Add a tiny bit of oil.
    Enough to just wipe around the inside of the pan.
  4. Crack the egg in and allow to cook for a few minutes.
    Until all of the egg has gently cooked on the bottom side.
  5. Now come the important trick.
    Add 1 tbsp of water into the pan and quickly cover with the lid.
  6. Remove after about 15 seconds or when the top of the egg cooked.

Benefits of Cooking Your Fried Eggs Like This

The benefits are firstly that you get a perfectly cooked egg. Making sure your egg hasn’t got the bottom over cooked or the top with any un cooked egg parts. But another thing you will notice is how clean it looks with little to no grease/oil.

Its almost a mix between a poached egg and a fried egg. Keeping the egg healthy in the process is obviously an added benefit as some times fried eggs are either dripping in oil or lacking in oil and burned on the bottom.

That tiny bit of water creating the steam will just cook the top of the egg enough to keep the middle runny. This is a quick process though so keep and eye on your egg. A few seconds to much and it could mean over cooked egg. So make sure not to forget them on the pan as they take no time at all to cook.

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