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How to Make an Authentic Greek Frappe

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Quick and easy recipe for an Authentic Greek Frappe. The delicious and refreshing drink is perfect for the summer when you need your fix of caffeine but in a cold refreshing way.

Authentic Greek Frappe

Traditional Frape’s

Growing up in Greece, this is drink you see a lot. Not only your parents making it t home but also any bar or café. I’m not kidding they even have a ready cup of frappe you can make yourself like a DIY Kit. This consist of a take away cut and a lid carrying, coffee, sugar, and milk powder. So all you need is a bottle of water and you can make yourself an ice coffee on the go.

We of course have the Mc Donald style of Frappe which you might be used to. How ever this tasty alternative is not quite a tradition Frappe. This is a sweet more iced version of the tradition Greek Ice Coffee drink.

If you want to read more about the history, check out this article on the history of the Greek frappe.

Equipment Needed to Make Iced Coffee

Before we get started make sure you have a few items handy. We will need something to shake up the liquid mixture at a very fast rate, I personally use a jug and a hand blender or food processor.

Alternatively you can also use a large plastic cup with a strong lid that you can use to shake the mixture fairly hard.

ice cubes for greek frappe

Ingredients Needed For Greek Frappe

  • 1 tsp Instant Coffee (Preferably Nescafe)
  • Sugar depending on sweetness required, 2 tsp is for a sweet Frappe.
  • Some Ice Cubes
  • A Splash of Evaporated Milk (Normal Fresh Milk Can Be Used)

Method to Create Greek Frappe

  1. Place a splash of water in the jug or large plastic cup with list (approx. 80 ml)
  2. Add in the Coffee and Sugar to the water.
  3. Now using the hand held blender start to bland the liquid mixture unstill it starts to froth and rise up larger than it originally started.
    Alternatively if you using the large cup, place the lid on in, hold tight and shake really well for a few minutes. The end result should be a coffee and frothy coffee like mixture.
  4. Add your ice cubes into a large glass and poor in the frothy coffee mixture on top.
  5. Using the vessel you used to make the mixture add some more water (to retain some coffee taste and not to make the drink watery) and use this to top up the drink, but not quite to the top.
  6. Last step is simply to add some Evaporated Milk or Fresh milk if you prefer and give it a stir with a straw.

Perfect Drink For This Summer

summer iced coffee

With summer fast approaching its time to swap over from the hot coffees and teas to something as bit more refreshing. Iced coffees are the best of both worlds. Ice cold drink and energy all in one place. So if your looking for a cold drink on the go or just something different to add to your every day routine then the Greek Frappe is the perfect addition to the drinks menu for your house hold.

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